March 11, 2011

The Babies Are The Greatest!

Loving a child and raising a child are two completely different things. Loving a child means learning to nurture, teach, and guide. it means being free to let your child know who you are, how you fell and what you need. Love requires truth, not just sheltering, protecting or providing. Love means some fun, some pain, some joy, some tears and absolutely no guarantees.

Raising a child mean learning tolerance, patience, acceptance and forgiveness. It means learning how to teach responsibility, accountability and dependability. Raising a child requires discipline and obedience, practicing and teaching it. It means keeping your eyes and your mind open to all things, under all circumstances. Raising a child requires trust, of yourself to do the right thing and of your child to get it.... eventually.

Many of us love our children so much we forget to raise them. We forget they can see and think and feel. We forget they can fall and get up, with or without our help. We love them because we are afraid to lose them. Yet we lose them because we forget to raise them!

~Iyanla Vanzant

Queen Kalila Earth