April 2, 2010

Peace & Blessings

Peace Family,
My name is Beautiful SciAsia Aset Earth. I am mommy to a wonderful son and twin girls. Over the last couple of years I have been fortunate enough to be able to be at home with my children. I have learned so much from them and about them. It has truly been an eye opening experience. During that time I also started my own business making handcrafted accessories. I love having the ability to have a vision and create from that vision something that others have appreciated. I guess you could say that these last few years have brought many things into life as well as taken them away. One thing that has remained has been my sisters. I have grown to appreciate the bond that having a sincere, loving, trustworthy, caring, real, etc. woman in my life can bring. I realized that we all need our sisters even when they don't realize that that is who they are to us. We are a communal people and in our history, our sisters taught us, they cared for us, they birthed our children into the world, held our hands in difficult times, and cared for our children as their own. I am looking forward to learning, sharing and growing with all of you
Peace and Love
Beautiful SciAsia Aset Earth

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